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The Best Heat Pump - The Daikin DZ20VC

This heat pump is 60% more efficient than your current heat pump. The way it does that, it has a variable speed compressor.

This compressor will remove 8-10 times more humidity out of the air than a single stage compressor. The single stage compressor will only remove 5 to 8 gallons of humidity per day. The dz20vc will remove 24-30 gallons of humidity per day.

Imagine having 30 gallons of water sitting on your kitchen table, that's a lot isn't it? This heat pump will keep the air inside your home cool, comfortable and crisp. This heat pump will not have trouble keeping your family comfortable and warm in during those cold winter months while saving on heating costs.

This unit is extremely quiet, the way it does that, it has a high density form compressor cell and a variable speed fan. As a matter of fact, we can be having this conversation right beside the heat pump and you can still hear me.

The dz20vc comes with the comfortnet system which acts like a check engine light for you heating and cooling system. If something would malfunction with your system. It will alert you and you can call us and we will send one our factory train technician to you home, and he will get you up and running in hours not in days.

This heat pump has a post painted cabinet, unpainted edges in our climate will cause your unit to rust and break down, leaving the interior components exposed to the element, the dz20vc has the industry leading warranty, if the compressor fails in the first 12 years, we will remove our entire outdoor unit, and will replace it with a new one and as long as you own your home, the compressor component is covered for life. All other parts will have a 12 year warranty as well.

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