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Since 1988, Environmental Controls & Service, Inc. is your best choice for repair, installation, and service in homes and buildings just like yours in the Central Pennsylvania Area. We take special pride in the craftsmen we train and employ--a fact you'll see in the reviews below. It's also noticeable immediately in the attitude and integrity our technicians bring to your job site. Our entire company works hard to make your experience with us hassle-free and enjoyable. You can also be assured that EC & S stands behind the work we do as well as complies with all local codes. This is why, as you can see by the map and reviews below, we are rated so highly for Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair in Denver, PA. Call us today at (717) 689-5372!

Local reviews for Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair in Denver, PA.

Local Reviews
for Denver, PA

Don L.

Don L.

Performed precision tune up on Ec and s select series gas furnace. Inspected heat exchanger for signs of rusting and cracks. Cleaned flame rod and inspected igniter. Cleaned and inspected condensate and pressure switch tubing for signs of cracks and splits. Checked all electrical connections and components. Checked draft inducer. Checked blower wheel and motor. Replaced 20x25x5 air filter, homeowner wants 2 more ordered to take advantage of the 3 filters for 120.00 dollars. Checked all safety switch operation. Cleaned condensate reservoir. Cleaned humidifier elements and sensors. Refilled and restarted humidifier. Humidity is set for 30 percent. System is maintaining 47 degrees with32 percent humidity. System is fine at this time.

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