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Is Your Air Conditioning System At Risk?

Is Your Air Conditioning System At Risk?

Some people aren’t aware that AC systems require regular maintenance in order to run as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. If you haven’t had us come and perform maintenance on your unit, it may very well be at risk of suffering from inefficiency, which results in higher energy bills for you – it may even be at risk of breaking down in the middle of the hottest days of the summer!

All HVAC manufactures would agree to suggest that you think of your heating and cooling system as you think of your car: You wouldn’t expect a car to run at its best without changing the oil at regular intervals, tune-ups, tire changes, and new brakes, etc. Just as these are true for a vehicle, your air conditioning unit needs maintenance, with attention to the coils, Freon® level, connections, and more.

When you regularly maintain your air conditioning in Lancaster, PA with Environmental Controls & Service (EC&S) Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll reduce the risk of having to endure emergency breakdowns and premature replacements – not to mention expensive repairs, too. Situations like these can be avoided if regular, comprehensive preventive maintenance checks are performed at least once per year.

You may not realize what a little bit of neglect can damage: Just 1/8-inch of dust on a blower wheel can cause equipment failure over time! And without annual maintenance, some manufacturer’s warranties may be limited or voided altogether.

For more information about proper maintenance, and how it can spare your air conditioning in Lancaster from being at risk of breakdown, call EC&S!

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