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Common Causes of Uneven Cooling and Heating in Your Home

Common Causes of Uneven Cooling and Heating in Your Home

More often than not, when uneven cooling and heating happens, it’s because of one of any number of small issues that can usually be easily fixed. Before calling in an EC&S expert to diagnose the issue, there are some things you can check yourself first:

  • Blocked Registers. If you’ve unwittingly put furniture in front of the vents in your home, you may have a particularly easy fix for uncomfortable spots in your home. Move your furniture out of the way and cool and warm air should be able to circulate more easily.
  • Dirty Air Filters. When an air filter is dirty, it’s less likely that the air will get through and into the rooms where you need it. If you ensure that you change your air filters on a regular basis, you’ll likely avoid the problem of bad circulation due to dirt.
  • Vacuum Return Vents. These are the registers and vents you see around the house at the tops of walls. Every couple of months (or more often, if needed) take your vacuum hose and brush attachment and clean off those dusty intake vents to help keep pollutants to a minimum and to open up the air pathways in your home.

What can you do if you’ve performed the above actions but still aren’t getting a more evenly-heated or evenly-cooled home? You’ll want to contact EC&S. One of our professionals will be able to check things you probably aren’t able to, such as:

  • Problems in the Ductwork. If there are blockages within the ducts of your HVAC system, air won’t circulate properly. An HVAC technician can inspect your duct work and repair any blockages that create an airflow imbalance.
  • An Improperly Sized HVAC Unit. If your HVAC unit is not large enough, it won’t be able to adequately cool all of the areas of your home. Again, a trained HVAC technician can help you to determine whether this is a problem. He or she can also help you to properly calculate the energy load that your home uses and may suggest upgrading your HVAC system.

If you’re experiencing uneven heating or cooling in your home, be sure to contact us today. We can solve your issues before the coldest weather arrives this winter!

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