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Make a New Year Resolution to Have Your HVAC System Checked

Make a New Year Resolution to Have Your HVAC System Checked

How often do you make an appointment to have EC&S come out to your home for ac service and heating preventive maintenance? It’s recommended that homeowners schedule an appointment with their HVAC companies at least once per year for preventive maintenance checks. As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to make your appointment with us!

Having preventive maintenance done on your system by our heating and cooling experts will ensure that there are no small, undetected issues with it that may turn into large, expensive problems later if they continue to go on unresolved. A system can operate for quite a while at less-than-ideal efficiency before homeowners notice that “something just isn’t right” and by then, a lot of energy and dollars could be wasted.

Some issues can be more than expensive, too – they can be deadly. The best way to make sure your system is running season after season and year after year as efficiently and safely as it should be is to have these check-ups done. When your system runs at top efficiency, you save money on your energy bills.

Would an unforeseen breakdown of your system put a damper on your New Year celebration? Of course it would! One of the biggest reasons to make your appointment at this point in time is to give you the best chance at avoiding an emergency situation arising during the new year, should your system suddenly break down in the middle of inclement weather and cold temperatures. In addition, you should keep in mind if you get your tune-up done now, it will be in great shape when the spring comes to make the shift from providing heat to providing air conditioning.

Finally, if you’ve purchased a system and received a maintenance agreement at that point in time, you’ll need to stick with yearly checks in order to keep your agreement in good standing. Not complying with the conditions of your agreement may very well render it null and void, which could wind up costing you much more money than you’re prepared to part with, should anything unforeseen ever happen!

Start your new year off on a high note with an annual heating and air conditioning system preventive maintenance appointment with EC&S. Our certified technicians will be happy to perform a thorough check-up on your system and make sure that you and your family are safe and comfortable not just over the New Year holiday, but throughout the entire year! Contact us today.

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