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10 Wise Ways to Save Money This Winter

10 Wise Ways to Save Money This Winter

Each year, people in Elizabethtown look for ways to save money on their heating bills; with the coldest days of winter dipping well below freezing, it’s important that your home is not only energy efficient, but that you also understand how you can manage your energy usage to save money on those frightening heating bills. Following are 10 ways you can save money this winter not only on your heating bills, but also on your overall energy bills:

  1. Use area rugs for more than just adding color and style. During the cold winter season, they will add an extra layer of insulation to your floors. They’ll trap the cool air under them and keep it from cooling the room – not to mention that they’ll also keep your feet nice and warm, too.
  2. Beware of running space heaters excessively. They are expensive to run, no matter what type they are. Kerosene is costly and electrical machines can quickly add to your monthly energy bill. Space heaters are also dangerous – easy to knock over and start a fire. Skip the space heaters to really save money.
  3. Window treatments, like area rugs, offer much more than just a splash of color – in addition to privacy, they can also help keep out the cold and keep in the warm air during the winter. You’ll want to look for thick drapes of wool cotton blends. You might even want to look for insulated drapes or blinds. These all add extra layers of insulation to your home.
  4. Ceiling fans can help you reduce your energy bills during the winter – they aren’t just for the summer! Each winter, switch the blades to rotate in the opposite direction, which will push warm air down to help heat your rooms.
  5. Make sure your radiators and air vents are not blocked by furniture or covered by drapes. Your furnace will have to work much harder to heat your home when all the warm air is being trapped under sofas or behind drapes
  6. Use your fireplace as much as possible – carefully. They are good sources of heat and a soothing, relaxing way to spend an evening. However, a damper left open when it isn’t used is an invitation for the warm air of your home to slip right out through it. Close the damper when the fireplace isn’t in use and open it before you light a fire.
  7. Take a look at your insulation. Insulation is probably the most important part of saving money during the winter. Heat will rise up through your house to the attic, and if you don’t have enough insulation up there, it’ll dissipate right out of your roof, making your furnace work much harder to provide you with a comfortable temperature for your home.
  8. Invest some time dedicated to your thermostat. Make sure you set it a bit lower than what your ideal temperature inside would be. For every degree you turn it down to, you’ll save about 3% on your bills. In addition, it’s cheaper to pull on a sweater than it is to crank up your thermostat.
  9. Check for air leaks. You’d be shocked at how much cold air can sneak into your home through inconspicuous little leaks – drafty windows and doors will allow air to freely sneak in and out, crippling your efforts to save energy and money throughout the winter. Sealing air leaks can save you up to 30% on the energy you use.
  10. Have your local energy company perform an energy usage audit on your home to assess your needs and help you find ways to improve your usage. The suggestions they will make can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bills this winter, and may include ideas you may have never considered.

Although it can be difficult to save money on heating bills throughout cold Pennsylvania winters, there are many things you can do to improve the heat usage in your home. It’s often quick and easy to add some insulation or seal drafty doors, and the savings in energy usage will more than make up for what you would spend on such means. Contact your Elizabethtown heating repair service experts at EC&S today for assistance with your furnace, your thermostat and saving money for your home energy needs.

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