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Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Boiler

Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Boiler

What does this mean for you? Upgrading your boiler could result in at least a 20% decrease in your heating bills! There are several additional reasons to upgrade your heating boiler to one of the new models.

Why Upgrade Your Boiler?

First of all, you will save fuel – this is going to not only come back as saved money on your energy bill, but it will also mean that you are using less fuel overall. This adds to your savings, especially since the cost of fuel is ever-increasing.

Second, new boilers are going to certainly be more reliable compared to older boilers. Any furnace repair service will tell you that the same goes for central furnaces. In addition, new boilers are also safer to operate than old, outdated models are.

Third, keep in mind that if you change and upgrade to a new heating boiler in the summer, before the winter first arrives, the cost of purchasing a boiler system is going to be lower. Many furnace maintenance companies and dealers just like EC&S offer special promotions, sales and discounts for heating systems of all types during the “off months”.

A Word about Condensing Boilers

With condensing boilers, oil or gas is used as the fuel, and when the fuel burns, hydrogen is released, mixing with oxygen. This generates water. This water vapor is released into your home if it is not trapped. This equates to a loss of fuel of almost 8% in normal boilers. However, with condensing boilers, that vapor is trapped, making the system more energy efficient.

Therefore, if you are considering upgrading your heating boiler, you may want to consider a condensing boiler. It will save you money on fuel costs and will also be much more efficient. EC&S can help you choose the best system for your home, so be sure to contact us today!

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