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Why Your Attic Needs Proper Ventilation

Why Your Attic Needs Proper Ventilation

Your Attic and Elizabethtown Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation anywhere in your home involves the way that air flows within it. Your home works to pull the fresh air from outside, and it also forces the stale, stuffy air from inside your home out of it. Would you believe that most of a home’s ventilation system revolves around the attic? The attic is the first room that is affected by heat as it is generated by the sun radiating on your roof.

In any home or building, without enough fresh outdoor air, indoor air quality greatly suffers; there is plenty of opportunity for allergens, mold, dust, pollutants and even excess gases from fireplaces and stoves to accumulate. This build-up can and does often cause respiratory illness and distress in people, especially for those who already suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses.

Without proper ventilation, too much moisture can build up in a home, giving rise to mold growth as well as structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars to remedy. If nothing else, poor ventilation and excessive humidity lead to safety issues and an uncomfortable home.

Venting Your Attic Properly

One of the results of poor attic ventilation is the fact that your air conditioner is going to work much harder to dispel the heat that builds up there. This in turn will make your energy usage increase and your bills rise. In the winter, cold air has nowhere to go in your attic, and it can cause condensation and moisture that leads to mold, rot, and structure deterioration.

The best way to vent your attic is to use whole-house ventilation, which involves a network of ducts and fans to push stale air out and bring fresh air in. In addition, you can also take advantage of natural ventilation as well as spot ventilation. Natural ventilation is opening doors and windows, and spot ventilation involves moving air through localized fans. Open attic vents, running fans, and whole-house ventilation are often used together for proper attic ventilation.

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