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DIY Solutions for 5 Common Household Odors

DIY Solutions for 5 Common Household Odors

  1. Bathrooms are easily loaded up with everything from mildew and mold to more odorous residues. Aside from regular and frequent deep cleaning, using the bathroom ventilation fan whenever the toilet is used will help clear up the air and also will prevent odors from escaping to other areas of the house. In addition, you can keep a lit candle in a safe area in the bathroom – lit candles actually will absorb odors.
  2. Garbage cans are notorious for putting good indoor air quality in Elizabethtown, PA (and everywhere!) at risk. From old food to every other type of garbage that can get tossed into the can, it’s just a place where bacteria, germs and odors fester. One of the best things you can do to combat garbage can smells is to dump fresh coffee grounds into the trash bag. They will soak up some of the odors. Frequently wash the trash can with warm soap and water mixed with some white vinegar. You can also sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda in the can under the bag, or sprinkle some into the bag as well. As the baking soda in the bin becomes wet, wash the bin out and sprinkle fresh baking soda.
  3. We love our pets, but we don’t love the dander and pet smells with which they can grace our homes. From the infamous “wet dog smell” to the cat litter box, there are effective, easy solutions that will be able to give your nose a much-needed break! When your dog comes in smelling like, well, wet dog, get a spray bottle and mix 3 parts water with 1 part vodka and 15 drops of your choice of oil. The oil can be rose, lavender, citrus or eucalyptus. Spray lightly on bedding and carpets, and don’t forget the dog bed. The solution will absorb the stink.

For cat litter boxes, use a clumping litter and scoop it out daily. Empty the box every week and clean it with soap and water. Spray the cat litter box with the solution you made for the wet dog smell before filling it with litter.

  1. Odors from cooking are not always the best smells – chopped onions, long-forgotten containers from the back of the refrigerator, boiling cabbage and hundreds of other possibilities can really just make a house stink in a short amount of time. Always make sure you have a window open in the kitchen or that you’re using the ventilation fan (or both). Keep vents and filters clean, or the build-up on them will only contribute further to the smells. You can also cut up a potato and set it on the counter near where you will be cooking, and it will help absorb odors.
  2. Tobacco smoke is something that can linger in a home for a long time – even if no one smokes in the home, those who smoke near it can easily introduce the smell indoors. Smoke from pipes, cigars and cigarettes can enter easily through doors and windows. Soaking a towel in white vinegar and walking through the room with it will trap most of the smoke in the air.

Maintaining a home that is free from offensive odors can be a much easier undertaking when you’re aware of a few simple tricks that can really effectively get rid of odors. Covering odors up with harsh chemical sprays does not rid a home of odors – they just disguise them for a short time. Using chemical “deodorizers” also contributes to unhealthy, poor Elizabethtown indoor air quality.

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