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10 Spring Cleaning Hacks

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks

  1. After a long winter cooped up indoors, chances are good that you have water stains along sinks, on shower heads, faucet heads, knobs and handles. Instead of using abrasive, harsh, hazardous and expensive chemicals to remove those water stains, take a lemon, cut it in half, and rub the inside part that was just cut over the areas with stubborn water stains to remove them.
  2. Glass doors and windows also easily fall prey to cleaning neglect during winter. When it’s time for spring cleaning, use dryer sheets to wipe those doors and windows clean and remove build-up on them.
  3. Speaking of “build-up”, how about all of those cleaning bottles, jars and spray bottles that have collected under your cabinets all winter long? Buy a couple of tension rods and install them under your sinks, using them to “hang” your spray bottles to de-clutter space.
  4. For those EC&S customers with pets, you undoubtedly already know that keeping your carpets pet hair-free is about impossible. However, if your vacuum isn’t quite cutting it when it comes to removing that hair, try a regular old window squeegee – run it across your carpets to collect that stubborn pet hair into a pile that’s easy to dispose of.
  5. Time to clean corners and cobwebs, and that includes the ceiling corners! These hard-to-reach places are no match, however, for a broom with a towel attached to it, by way of a string or large rubber band.
  6. While you’re window cleaning, take a look at all the dirt and dust that has collected in the tracks of those windows and doors. Use white vinegar to clean and clear away that grime that has settled in during the winter – the vinegar will easily loosen it up, making for quick and easy cleaning.
  7. Winter clothes take up a lot of closet space, a lot of dresser space and even a lot of storage space. Vacuum seal those bulky winter clothes to save space. You’ll be surprised at how much room you’ll actually save, and when next winter comes around, your clothes will be perfectly wrinkle-free, too, just how you left them.
  8. As you’re busy vacuum-packing your winter clothes and are bringing out your spring and summer clothes, you most likely will find items that have been seemingly attacked by a lint monster while they were packed away. No lint roller? No problem! Use a razor to remove the lint.
  9. If your spring cleaning routine entails organizing dresser drawers, try folding and stacking items in the drawers horizontally, not vertically. When things are stacked vertically, it’s tough to see everything in the dresser, and searching for things easily creates a mess. Not only will you be able to view everything in a drawer all at once when they are stacked horizontally, you’ll also be able to fit more clothes in every drawer.
  10. It can drive people crazy trying to keep their refrigerators clean and organized while trying to save space. Condiment bottles and packages are the biggest offenders here, and even when they are put into the narrow drawers on the sides of the refrigerator doors, they take up a lot of space that can be otherwise used for other items. The best way to save space and eliminate the frustration of a fridge cluttered by small bottles is to put a lazy Susan (or two or three) in the fridge.

With spring finally here, it’s time to get busy with the annual spring cleaning! Be sure to make an appointment with EC&S to do an annual check-up on your air conditioning in Lancaster, PA as part of your spring cleaning routine too. Having our Elizabethtown AC services check your system during the spring is the perfect way to prepare for a great summer.

We’ll make sure that your unit is in good operating condition before the hot summer months arrive, ensuring that your home will stay cool and comfortable all season long! Contact us today!

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