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4 Things You Need to Know about Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit

4 Things You Need to Know about Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit


  1. Always know the current condition of your unit, including its age. If you are considering buying a new house, you need to examine the outdoor air conditioning unit as well as the furnace. If you already own a home with these units installed, from time to time you should do a quick visual inspection of them. Look to see if there are any water marks, rust, or signs of decay. Every so often it’s a good idea to stop and listen to your unit for a few minutes. You should always know what your unit sounds like with normal operation so that you can recognize when those sounds change, which may then indicate an issue that requires the attention of our Elizabethtown cooling services.
  2. If you are purchasing a new home, you should always have knowledge of the maintenance and repair history of your furnace and air conditioner. Always review notes by service technicians, too. You should know that if your heat pump, air conditioner or furnace was installed more than 10 years ago, it might be up for a replacement within the next few years. If your unit is no longer as efficient as it once was or if it falls into disrepair (or just suddenly stops operating altogether), discuss replacement options with our heating and AC services in Elizabethtown as soon as possible.
  3. Always know the condition of the air ducts of your system. Check out the vents and duct work, especially in the attic and basement or crawl space. You’ll want to look for loose connections, tears, rust, condensation and gaps where the ducts should connect to one another. If you do find any issues with the duct work, be sure to give EC&S right away to make the necessary repairs. You should also know that repairing and replacing duct work is a low-cost project that can really make all the difference in your heating and cooling bills.
  4. You should know that the most critical component of keeping your cooling and heating systems “healthy” is to have EC&S come out once per year to perform preventive maintenance check-ups on your air conditioning and furnace. We’ll ensure that your HVAC system is in good working order, we’ll check connections and clean components. You’ll save money over the duration of your system’s life by making sure that it’s running as efficiently as possible, and you’ll also greatly diminish your risk of being caught unawares with sudden expensive breakdowns.

With all the days that go by with homeowners giving nary a care to their air conditioning and heating systems, it’s important that you still pay it the attention that it is due. By doing your due diligence and keeping up with preventive maintenance, you’ll ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy many years of trouble-free operation of your furnace and air conditioning system.

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