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Hiring the Wrong HVAC Company will Cost You More in the Long Run

Hiring the Wrong HVAC Company will Cost You More in the Long Run

Imagine needing AC service in Elizabethtown on a 100-degree day in August. You’re in a hurry to find help so that your home can get back to being cool and comfortable as soon as possible, so you open up the phone book (or your Internet browser) and just pick a local company with no research because this company advertised a special sale on Elizabethtown air conditioning repair service. The crew arrives and repairs your unit for a low cost. You’re happy, you’ve saved money, you’re comfortable and cool – right?

Well, not so fast. After three days you notice the AC seems to be running constantly, but your home doesn’t feel cool. It’s stuffy, too warm for your comfort, and every time you check the thermostat, the temperature of the home isn’t down to where you have it set. You call the same service company and are told that there will be another charge for them to come back out. When you object, stating that the job obviously wasn’t done right the first time, you’re told that there is no guarantee on service and it must be a new problem presenting itself this time, warranting another charge.

Do Your Due Diligence for AC service in Elizabethtown

This scenario is all too common, and it all can be avoided with choosing the right HVAC company to begin with. The best time to do your research (and you DO need to do research) is before you need help. This way, if something unforeseen happens with your unit, you’re not in a panic to find any old company quickly. One of the best ways to go about doing research on various local companies is to use online reviews from others in the area who have had experiences. Find out from Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and other sites what others have to say about the companies they chose. Take the time to really read the reviews and look at ratings; it will be well worth your time.

Advanced Systems Require Advanced Professionals

The advanced HVAC systems of today are more complicated than in the past and energy efficient, and require proper training and experience to be handled safely. There are several benefits of hiring companies like EC&S that employ NATE certified technicians and professionally trained staff members. These benefits ensure the safety and comfort of your family and also provide you with reliable service for a reasonable price.

In order for a technician employed by a licensed company to become properly certified, he or she must pass several tests first. When a licensed professional from EC&S is called out for service, our customers always rest easy knowing that he or she has the experience, knowledge and skills to get the job done safely and properly, no matter what the task entails. A heating and cooling company with licensed technicians takes the comfort and safety of its customers seriously.

If any type of accident happens while the company is on your property, know that our licensed professionals are insured, protecting you from having to bear the costs of any mishaps. Should you scurry in a panic and call on Company X for repairs without checking if they are licensed, bonded and insured, you may end up with thousands of dollars owed in damages, court costs and more if an accident should happen on your property while service is being performed. With companies like EC&S who are insured, licensed and bonded, costs like these are taken care of! The risk of having a mishap occur on your property is also significantly reduces with the proper team on the case.

The Obvious Choice for Elizabethtown Air Conditioning Repair Service

Contact EC&S for all your HVAC needs this summer! Our certified technicians are highly qualified, participate in continuing education courses, are licensed, bonded and insured, and have decades of combined experience in the industry. Whether you need to purchase and install a new unit or need some repair work on an existing unit, EC&S services all major brands. We guarantee our service, so contact us today and make your appointment!

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