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The Cost of Installing a New AC Unit

The Cost of Installing a New AC Unit

It’s imperative that homeowners not be taken in by the prospect of saving money by installing systems themselves; more often than not, DIYers with the best of intentions end up spending much more money to correct bad installations than they would have spent to just have it done professionally to begin with. The average national cost to install a central air conditioning system is just over $5,000, with many homeowners generally spending between $3,500 and $7,100, as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

How Much Do Air Conditioners Cost?

The price of A/C units vary greatly, and are dependent upon many factors. The type of system will play the biggest role; there are split systems, central systems, window systems, and portable units. In addition, the size of the home to be cooled plays a significant role in the cost as well. A window unit will keep a very small home cool on warm days, but will struggle with the days that present the hottest temperatures. The cost for installing a window air conditioning unit runs between $150 and $300, depending on the size of unit that is needed. These units will cool small homes and rooms for a reasonable price, but are far less powerful than a central AC system.

The Costs of Central Air Conditioning System Installation

Many people today choose to have central air conditioning systems installed by our Elizabethtown air conditioning service. The cost for a central system depends on the size you need, the unit itself, additional installation items like ductwork, and installation rates. One of the biggest factors that determines the cost of the actual outdoor AC unit is the performance of it, which is measured in BTUs, or British thermal units.

Air conditioning capability is measured in the amount of heat a unit can remove from a home in one hour, and this unit of measurement is the BTU. The larger your home is, the more cooling power you’re going to need. However, take caution – bigger isn’t always better. A system that is too large for a home is going to cycle on and off constantly, which will result in wasted energy, wasted money, and loud, disruptive sounds. At the same token, a system that is too small will run constantly but never be able to adequately cool your home during the hottest days.

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