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How Mini Splits Work: Why You Should Go Ductless

How Mini Splits Work: Why You Should Go Ductless

With rising heating and cooling costs, more and more people are discovering mini splits as a new way to heat and cool their homes. Mini splits reduce energy consumption and don’t require large intrusive ducts. If you’re thinking about replacing your old air conditioning system or if you’ve just bought a new home, find out why mini splits might be the right option for you.

Previously known as air source heat pumps, mini splits have been around for decades. Although in recent years, mini splits have become more compact, cheaper and more energy efficient. Mini splits work by connecting an outside unit (condenser) to an indoor unit (evaporator). For cooling purposes, the evaporator moves warm air out of the house to the condenser. To heat your home, the process is simply reversed. A multi-split mini system connects one outside unit to up to five different indoor units, one for each room. Just like a refrigerator, mini split systems transfer or dissipate heat depending on your needs. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider converting your home’s heating and A/C system to a mini split.

There are many incentives for switching to a mini split system. By removing ducts from your home you will clear up more space, save money on maintenance fees, and improve your home’s air quality. Mini splits come with several filter options that trap and remove airborne bacteria and debris. Mini splits also give you more control over the temperature of your home. Individual units allow you to heat/cool the areas of your home where you spend the most time, improving energy efficiency.

Mini splits use the minimum amount of energy to transfer heat in and out of your house. As the temperature changes outside, so does your mini split. They expend less energy because they control the temperature of your home without any need to constantly fuss with the thermostat, which can waste a lot of energy. Mini splits are also quieter and less intrusive than other heating and cooling systems.

EC & S Heating and Air Conditioning offers great savings on the latest mini split systems. We work with Daikin (, one of the world’s leading mini split system suppliers. They manufacture superior quality products that optimize your home for minimal energy consumption using the latest heating and cooling technology. Call EC & S or go online today to get an estimate. We’ll install your new mini split system and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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