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Common Causes of Uneven Cooling and Heating in Your Home

Many people find that the temperature of the heating and air in their homes differs, sometimes quite a bit, from one room to another and one level to another. This is most commonly the case with different floors, such as from the basement from the attic. While heat naturally rises and cool air falls, and

The Gift of a Furnace Maintenance Check-Up

Before you know it, colder weather and the holiday season will arrive, and the business of shopping, family get-together’s and holiday activities with loved ones will soon have you busier than ever. This means that there is no better time than right now to call EC&S to perform preventive maintenance on your furnace, heat pump or

Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor

When the time comes that you need to purchase a new furnace or air conditioner and have it installed by a certified heating and cooling expert in Lancaster, PA, you’re going to need to call upon EC&S for fast, efficient, accurate and affordable service. We make it easy to decide which company or which contractor to

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality to Combat the Flu This Season

One of the most common ways that “the flu” is spread is through coughing and sneezing, and releasing them into the air; the germs can survive in the air and on surfaces for a relatively longer period of time than you might think! They don’t necessarily always settle on a surface, either. If they do

How to Manage Your HVAC Utility Costs

Managing HVAC utility costs is always a widespread concern among homeowners and business owners alike; with costs on the whole rising as years pass, it becomes increasingly important to maintain manageable Lancaster heating and cooling bills. Fortunately, also as years pass, new technologies, developments and methods are introduced to help with this very thing. A

Interesting Facts about Our Thanksgiving Holiday

These days you can find all kinds of interesting, little-known facts regarding just about every holiday we celebrate, and Thanksgiving is no exception! There are some great pieces of information about the holiday ranging from the very first celebration right up to statistics about today’s feasts. Following are some of the most interesting, yet little-known

What You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide

You may have heard of the dangers of carbon monoxide, but there is some important information on the subject that you might not know. Carbon monoxide poisoning is preventable, and being armed with the right information can save you and your loved ones from the potentially deadly effects of this harmful gas. Carbon monoxide has

Regular HVAC Maintenance: Preventing Scary Breakdowns

Don’t let your home become a scary place when your furnace starts acting up on Halloween! Trying to deal with a broken furnace is no treat during chilly weather, which is precisely why you should have your unit checked out by EC&S now, before colder weather arrives. Having one of our furnace repair service technicians come

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