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Comfort – Sometimes it Comes In Small Packages

The average high temperature in the Elizabethtown and Lancaster, PA area during peak air conditioning season ranges from 73-79 Degrees Fahrenheit in May to 87.23 Degrees in July, and 76.12 degrees in October. Bonus rooms, additions, attic remodels, 4-Seasons rooms, basement, garages, and homes where ductwork cannot be installed, we have the answer. A ductless

Tips to Keep Your Home Cooling Costs Low this Spring

As outdoor temps rise during the spring, many of us reluctantly turn on the air conditioning in Lancaster, PA – but at what cost? You know your utility bills will rise, so it’s important that homeowners do everything possible to keep that increase to a minimum. Although you might be tempted to keep your AC


4 Things You Need to Know about Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit

The Air Conditioning and Heating system of any home is vital to the health, safety and comfort of those inside of the home. Just like any large investment, your Air Conditioning system requires some special attention every so often in order to ensure that it stays in the best and most efficient operating condition possible.

How Many Years will Your Cooling & Heating Equipment Last?

Some of the most expensive equipment you’ll ever buy for your home will be your heating and cooling systems. Although your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment is expensive, it also carries a heavy workload. Through years of use, these systems operate almost around the clock through the hottest and coldest months of the year.

5 Things to Throw Away for Your Health

When people talk about improving their health, they most often discuss changing eating habits, exercising, and the like. However, what is not often brought up are things that are commonly found in homes that should be thrown out in order to improve health. There are five things that may very well be in your home right now that you should toss to the curb for better health.

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks

There are plenty of people who take part in an annual tradition of spring cleaning when the cold winter weather finally departs. The opportunity to get out of the house and into warmer weather prompts bouts of heavy cleaning throughout the house, but it is rarely a quick or simple task. While one of the

DIY Solutions for 5 Common Household Odors

Good indoor air quality in Elizabethtown, PA is necessary for everyone’s health and comfort. From the fish you cooked for dinner to the kids’ gym shoes after a long practice, there are plenty of offensive odors that can invade a home at any given time. While opening the windows and turning on fans may be

Why Your Attic Needs Proper Ventilation

Attics are easy to forget about, especially if they are unfinished or are simply used only for storage. However, they play a very important role in the heating, ventilation and air quality of your home. Although attics usually don’t get as much attention as they should, it’s important that they are properly ventilated. Many people

10 Energy-Efficient Tips for Your Spring Cleaning

From setting up new décor to improving indoor air quality in Elizabethtown, washing walls and having our Elizabethtown heating repair service give your HVAC system a tune-up, spring cleaning is a big undertaking – but one that many people gladly take part in to welcome more pleasant weather after a cold winter. It’s important that

How A Central Heating System Replacement can Save You Money

Our Elizabethtown heating repair service experts here at EC&S want our customers to know that when a central heating system is no longer functioning at its maximum ability to be energy-efficient, it will not only waste a lot of energy, but will also waste a lot of your money as well. Inefficient systems have to

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