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How Mini Splits Work: Why You Should Go Ductless

With rising heating and cooling costs, more and more people are discovering mini splits as a new way to heat and cool their homes. Mini splits reduce energy consumption and don’t require large intrusive ducts. If you’re thinking about replacing your old air conditioning system or if you’ve just bought a new home, find out

7 Best Ways to Cut Your Use of A/C

Hot summers and rising temperatures can send your energy bills through the roof. But you don’t have to spend a fortune just to keep cool. Try these simple tips and tricks to cut down on your air conditioning expenses this summer. Screen Your Windows If you haven’t already, put a mesh screen over your windows.

Too Cool for School: 7 Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer still has a couple months to go. Rising temperatures and endless sunshine are beautiful things, but sometimes we need a break. Cool off this summer with our 7 best ways to beat the heat. Stay in the Shade Relaxing in the shade is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without getting burned. Sunlight

Top 3 Questions Our Customers Ask Us about HVAC Services

We at EC&S believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy, comfortable home with a reliable HVAC system installed. Some of the most common questions we’re asked by customers revolve around cost and needs, and what they are receiving in return. Money should never be an issue when it comes to dependable, professional heating and

3 Reasons Why WE are the Leading HVAC Company

EC&S is the leader in furnace and AC service in Elizabethtown and all the surrounding areas! We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as the top customer-focused home comfort contractor, and the safety and satisfaction of our customers is always our number one priority. We’ve served the area for more than 27 years, and no

The Cost of Installing a New AC Unit

During the hottest summer months, we stand outside for baseball games, golf, family reunion picnics, and hundreds of other activities with tiny personal fans, paper plates, and anything else that will make a breeze, while we dream of being indoors with icy cold AC service in Elizabethtown running. Although air conditioning installation isn’t always complicated,

Hiring the Wrong HVAC Company will Cost You More in the Long Run

  Imagine needing AC service in Elizabethtown on a 100-degree day in August. You’re in a hurry to find help so that your home can get back to being cool and comfortable as soon as possible, so you open up the phone book (or your Internet browser) and just pick a local company with no

Kids are on Summer Break, but your air conditioner isn’t!

Kids are on Summer Break, but your air conditioner isn’t! Summer break brings plenty of opportunities for families to have fun together by experiencing new adventures. The Lancaster area, as well as the surrounding areas, have some great places, activities and opportunities for fun things to do with children to keep them entertained and happy,

Is Your Air Conditioning System At Risk?

Did you know that one of the best things you can do to keep your Lancaster air conditioning system in great shape, is to have a certified technician come out once per year to perform annual preventive maintenance on it? Some people aren’t aware that AC systems require regular maintenance in order to run as

Tips for Staying Safe, Healthy and Cool All Summer Long

Whether you’ll be heading out on an annual camping trip at Flory’s, Old Mill Stream or Country Acres, or you’re planning on spending your summer days at Mt. Gretna Lake and Beach, you’ll want to prepare for the hot weather this summer! It’s important that you and your family stay safe, stay cool, and stay

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