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Because Comfort and Convenience Are Important, EC&S Heating & Air Conditioning Delivers The Latest In Comfort Technology.

We’re all busy with jobs, family and extra-curricular activities. We want the best in home comfort by having the most efficient heating and cooling systems possible. More than that, we all want convenience to get the most from our greatest resource, our home. Because the needs of our customers are important to us, EC&S is dedicated to delivering top of the line home comfort accessories to give you what you want at prices that are budget-conscious and affordable; and, to your 100% satisfaction – Guaranteed!

One of the ways EC&S strives to keep your heating, and cooling equipment safe from power surges due to unexpected fluctuations in voltage supply, power outages or lightning strikes is by offering Surge Protectors, which shut down your equipment to protect it from these potentially damaging occurrences. Typically, you can resume normal operation with just a flip of a switch. Expect More, We’ll Deliver!

In addition to these two wonderful home comfort accessories, EC&S also offers the homeowners in the Lancaster, Dauphin and Lebanon County area of Central Pennsylvania other conveniences such as:

  • Whole House Humidifiers
  • Low Level CO Detectors
  • Remote Monitoring Accessories, including Wifi Thermostats

To find out more about these fantastic additions to your heating and cooling systems, that not only increase your comfort but also safety and peace of mind, call the trained professionals at EC&S today. You can also schedule an appointment at the top left of this page.

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