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Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School: 7 Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Posted by: admin | Posted on: 17, August 2015 | Posted in:Uncategorized | No Comment
Summer Back To School - ECS Comfortstill has a couple months to go. Rising temperatures and endless sunshine are beautiful things, but sometimes we need a break. Cool off this summer with our 7 best ways to beat the heat.
  1. Stay in the Shade
    Relaxing in the shade is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without getting burned. Sunlight makes the air feel up to ten degrees warmer. It can also cause irreparable damage to you skin. If you’re out and about this summer, bring along an umbrella for some shade on the go.
  2. Frozen Drinks
    Keep plenty of ice on hand this summer. A cool beverage really takes the sting off of the heat. Alcoholic or not, mix your favorite flavors in the blender and throw in a few cups of ice. You’ll feel that tingling cool sensation run through your entire body.
  3. Head for the Grass
    Grassy areas will feel a lot cooler than pavements and sidewalks. Light and heat reflect off of hard concrete surfaces, making you feel that much hotter.
  4. Wear Light-Colored Clothing
    Dark colors trap heat and absorb sunlight. Stick to white T’s and light shades of your favorite colors. Wearing clothes that are a bit baggier will help as well. Tighter clothes don’t offer the same amount of airflow.
  5. Cold Towels
    Fill a cooler with ice and let it start to melt. Soak up the cold water with a towel or a piece of cloth. Wrap it around your neck or forehead and you’ll instantly start to feel cooler.
  6. Stay Indoors During Peak Hours
    Midafternoon is always the hottest time of day. The sun is high in the sky and everything on the ground has had time to heat up. Take a break from the outdoors for a few hours and cool off. You’ll be much more comfortable outside in the morning or in the evening.
  7. Run Your A/C
    Now is the time to make sure that your air conditioning is up and running smoothly. There’s nothing like stepping into a cool interior after being out in the sun. You can limit your A/C usage by only turning it on during the day.
EC & S Heating and Cooling will service your tired, old air conditioning unit so you can stay cool all summer long. You can also shop our selection of air conditioners right on our website and have one delivered to your door. Stay cool this summer with the magic of A/C.
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